How To Use Google Maps As A Navigator

How To Use Google Maps As A Navigator

Your car does not have a sat nav installed as standard and, at least for the moment, the idea of ​​buying such a device does not appeal to you. So you were thinking of relying on Google Maps to use your smartphone as a navigator. Unfortunately, however, not having a particular familiarity with technological means, at the moment you are not able to take full advantage of this service. Well, I don’t see where the problem is: I’m here to give you a hand!

If you dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me, I can explain to you how to use Google Maps as a navigator and thus obtain directions regardless of the means of transport you use. If you want to know more about Conclusivenews I leave you my dedicated tutorial. Whether you want to plan a route to tackle by car or receive directions to reach a place on foot, the famous “Big G” app is just what you need: the latter, in fact, allows you to easily set a point of departure and arrival and indicates the fastest route to reach it, estimating travel times based on factors such as traffic and the presence of tolls.

How to download Google Maps

In order to use Google Maps as a navigator , you need to download and install the official application of the service on your Android or iOS / iPadOS device . If you use an Android smartphone (or tablet) , you should find the Google Maps app already installed “as standard” , otherwise you can download it according to the usual procedure provided by your device. More info here .

Also know that you can use Google Maps even without a Google account, but to access all its features, such as the ability to download maps , you need to log in . If you don’t have an account yet, then, read my guide on how to create Google accounts .

How to start browsing

After you have downloaded Google Maps on your device, you can use it to view maps, get directions to refreshment points in your vicinity or a specific place, search for services and places, check traffic data and much more; for these occurrences, I invite you to read my guide on how Google Maps works . If, on the other hand, you are specifically interested in learning how to use Google Maps as a navigator and thus obtain the necessary driving directions to reach your destination, below I explain in detail how to proceed.

First, start the Google Maps app on the Home Screen of your device (the icon of a colored marker on a white background ), then press the button with the symbol of an arrow on a blue background located at the bottom right of the map.

Once this is done, define your starting point by choosing one of the following options, based on your specific travel needs.


Your location – this is the standard starting point that is set automatically if you have allowed Google Maps to access your location. To reach your destination, therefore, you will get directions starting from the address where you are.

  • Choose starting point – if your intention is to get directions from a different place than your position, click on the item Your position , type (or say) the address or the name of the place you want to start from in the aforementioned field and press one of the proposed results or the magnifying glass symbol located at the bottom right.
  • Choose on map – you can set a destination by choosing it directly from the map. Search for the exact point you are interested in, place the red Google Maps placeholder on it and tap on the OK item to confirm.

Next, locate your destination by typing its address or its name in the field below (you can also do it through voice commands , by pressing the microphone icon present there). If necessary, select the correct result from the list that is shown to you.

Now, also define the means of transport by pressing on one of the icons present just below: the car if you want to get directions for traveling by car; the train if you want information on how to move by public transport; the little man if you intend to make the journey on foot; the bicycle if you plan to travel by bicycle. Depending on the type of route, the application could also propose alternative solutions, such as the use of private transport services , also showing you an estimate of the relative cost.

Google Maps automatically provides the fastest route to reach the destination (showing the estimated travel times) and, if available, proposes alternative routes in gray on the map, which can be easily set with a tap on the element itself.

If you want to avoid paying tolls , taking ships and traveling on the highway , or want to try to save on fuel , you can set up some filters to get a customized route. If you want to know more in detail 3plus2five you can read the tutorial that I just linked to you and which explains in detail. To do this, press the icon of the three vertical dots present at the top right next to the starting point, then tap on the Route options item and enter the check mark in the boxes relating to the items of your interest, choosing from Avoid motorways , Avoid tolls , Avoid ferries and Choose less fuel-efficient routes(the latter also allows you to select the type of engine of your vehicle).

The contextual menu displayed by pressing the aforementioned button with the three horizontal dots also allows access to other interesting functions. Among these, I would like to point out the option Set departure and arrival time , useful for obtaining an estimate of travel times at different times and days.

If, on the other hand, before reaching your final destination you need to make some intermediate stops , press the Add stage item , then search for the place in question using the new field (as shown above) and use the symbol of the two horizontal lines placed on the right to move the item to the position you consider most suitable for the itinerary you need to follow. At the end press the word End to save the route.

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