What Are The Benefits Of Using EDDM Postcards For  Your Business?

What Are The Benefits Of Using EDDM Postcards For Your Business?

EDDM is a service provided by USPS. It helps in promoting small businesses in local communities. Through EDDM, small businesses can market themselves to every door of potential customers in the neighbourhood. With them, it is possible to reach out to target customers through carrier routes in a certain area for delivering printed ad materials. 

Before you use it for your business, there are a few things that you need to know. 

How does EDDM Work?

Through EDDM postcards, small businesses emphasize producing marketing content as the postal services take care of the delivery and distribution. EDDM can eliminate the cost, time, and effort businesses might have to spend to reach out to prospective customers. It can help businesses to improve their sales, customer service, and marketing campaigns. 

By using the delivery route details that the US Postal Service offers in an EDDM program, SMEs can easily reach out to customers in a certain route impotent to their business. EDDM postcard printing is a great advertising strategy. 

What are the Benefits of EDDM Postcards?

With EDDM, you don’t have to buy a mailing list. Rather your mailer will be delivered to every house in the locality you choose. Using this enables you to enjoy the following benefits. 

  • Local Area Marketing

Direct mail brochure focuses on marketing a business within the neighbourhood and doesn’t require a mailing list that has the contact information and addresses of customers in the area. EDDM works really effectively through a mail carrier that delivers the marketing content to all households within a certain mailing route. The operational method can eliminate the requirement for customer addresses. 

Direct mail brochure printing lets small businesses focus on creating their marketing material while the USPS distributes efficiently the material to the whole neighbourhood and into the hands of the customers.  SMEs just have to identify the carrier route that they would like to target and decide on a date for taking the material to the post office. After this, the postal service is going to take care of the EDDM postcards. 

  • Discount Offers

Businesses that use EDDM postcards can offer discounts to their customers directly. Attractive discounts play a crucial role in building customer loyalty and grabbing more customers for your business. With the help of discount offers, local businesses, like salons or shoe stores can offer coupon incentives to customers prompting them to visit the store to redeem the discount coupons. 

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Discount coupon codes can encourage customers to purchase products that they might not otherwise have considered they needed. With the help of EDDM marketing,  a business can easily rouse the need of the customers to buy an item depending on the appeal developed by its benefits listed in the advertising campaign.

  • No Limitations on Postal

For mailing under the threshold of 5000, businesses don’t have to buy a postal permit separately. USPS will provide businesses with an EDDM permit, which is added to direct mail marketing materials. The permit makes sure that every EDDM postcard is mailed separately, saving cost and money. 

  • Cost Effective

Many small businesses operate on a tight budget and EDDM is one of the most affordable marketing methods in their neighbourhoods. Small businesses design eye-catching, colorful marketing postcards and then print them. Through direct mail campaigns, businesses can easily distribute large batches of marketing materials at a lower postage rate. The success of marketing campaigns can be tracked and adjusted to quantity and quality as required.

As you advertise in their locality, businesses will be able to cut down on the cost related to long-distance mailing. 

  • Easy to Setup and Target

You can easily create a highly targeted EDDM campaign as the campaign emphasizes certain geographic areas. The campaign focus on customers with the highest buying probability, as evidenced by the purchasing history of the customers. Moreover, setting up the EDDM campaign takes just a few steps. Businesses simply have to design and print the EDDM postcards, place them in a bundle and just drop the bundle in the post office. 

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