Clevo NH70 Laptop Review 2022

Clevo NH70 Laptop Review 2022

Clevo has earned a reputation for producing budget laptops that offer an attractive design, solid value and a good amount of features at a good price. They have consistently impressed us with laptops at this price that offer exceptional performance at a low cost. However, not every budget laptop is created equal. In this review we are looking at the mid-range Clevo NH70 laptop, a machine that offers a good mix of performance, a strong battery life and a good display for the price.

Features of Our Review Model

Our review model featured the Intel i5-7250U quad-core processor, which is a dual core chip with Turbo Boost up to 3.8 GHz, along with 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. For an upgrade we could select the more powerful i7-7500U, which would offer similar speeds to the i5, as well as support for the GTX 1050 GPU.

This laptop features an array of ports, including a single USB Type-C connector, a single USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI connector, a microphone jack, an SD card reader, a headphone jack and a combo audio jack. The speakers have been positioned at the bottom of the laptop, and it has a keyboard with a tactile response and nice key travel.

The Clevo NH70 weighs 1.9 kg, which is slightly heavier than other budget laptops we have reviewed in the past, but for this particular model, we were impressed with the amount of performance you can expect from this machine.

Design Specifications of Clevo NH70

The Clevo NH70’s design is very typical of what you would expect from a budget laptop. The design is a little less minimalistic than other laptops in the same price range, but we are still looking at a machine that offers a really good combination of quality and value for the price.

Overall, this is a laptop that can comfortably be carried around and used for any number of purposes, which is a good thing, as you are likely to be using this machine for a number of different tasks over the course of the day. The machine feels very well built, and the lid and keyboard do not feel at all cheap.

The material used in the chassis of this laptop is black, and while there isn’t much difference between this and the surface of the keyboard, the machine is light enough to carry without it feeling at all bulky.

The TN panel offered bright, colorful and accurate images. However, we did notice some of the shimmering that we have come to associate with cheaper LCD displays. Even when used in laptops that are thinner and lighter, we often see this issue.

As for the rest of the chassis, the Clevo NH70 has good heft to it. While not something we would describe as being very heavy, we can still hold the machine comfortably without any strain, and it feels very solid. There is no sign of flexing or weakness in the chassis, which is all the more impressive considering that the device has an efficient dual-core CPU and a low-power GPU.

Performance of Clevo nh70

We tested the Clevo NH70 on the Gigabyte website using their in-house software. While this isn’t a huge benchmark, it will give us an indication of how the device performs when it comes to multi-threaded and heavy CPU-intensive tasks.

After some extensive testing, we were able to get the Clevo NH70 performing at a very good level, with the only issues being a slight performance drop when it came to multi-tasking, and a very low battery life when it came to video playback. These issues will be fixed with a more robust power supply, and some software optimizations.

Final verdict

While it would have been possible to get a more powerful Intel chip, and better GPUs, for the same price, the Clevo NH70 still offers a good value for money. The built is impressive, the display is great and battery life is good. This laptop is also pretty portable, and you can get a better-looking model without worrying about paying a premium.

However, while you get an RGB keyboard, you can’t expect the kind of bells and whistles we are used to seeing on more expensive machines. The screen might be the only thing that leaves you disappointed with this laptop. However, if you have the budget, this is a good option, and at $269 (about £180, AU$375) it is even better value than most other laptops in the same price range.

For an extra $30, you can get a version of the Clevo NH70 with a more powerful GPU and more storage. If you really need to have an RGB keyboard, then you can also add one to your order for $30 more. So, whether you are on a strict budget, or just looking to save a few bucks and give yourself more future-proofing, the Clevo NH70 is a great machine that will let you do a number of tasks without breaking the bank.


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