8 Times Goku Proved Himself To Be A True Hero In Dragon Ball

8 Times Goku Proved Himself To Be A True Hero In Dragon Ball

Ever since he first appeared onscreen in the Dragon Ball series, Goku has proven himself to be a true hero. Whether saving his friends from danger or defeating powerful villains, Goku always puts others before himself. This list shows eight times when  truly showed his heroism.

Goku proves himself to be a true hero throughout the Dragon Ball series. Here are eight examples of when Goku showed his heroism:

1. In the episode “The Emperor’s Quest, saves Pilaf and company from getting executed by the Emperor.

2. In the episode “The Return of Goku, defeats Frieza after enduring many tough battles.

3. In the episode “Bojack Unbound,”defeats Bojack while being tortured.

1. The Only One Who Can Get In Omni-King Zeno’s

Zeno, the ruler of the universe, was in a sour mood. All his subjects had failed to live up to his expectations, and he was starting to lose faith in humanity. That is until he met Goku. Goku is a Saiyan who is not afraid to fight and has the power to take on Zeno. After seeing Goku’s determination and bravery, Zeno decided to give him a chance. If could prove himself by completing eight difficult challenges, then Zeno would consider giving humanity another chance.

2. Leaving Behind His Family To Protect The Planet

When Goku first set out on his journey to becoming a hero, he had no idea what he was getting into. Leaving behind his family and friends to protect the planet was not an easy decision for the young Saiyan, but it was one that he knew he had to make. Throughout his journey, Goku has proven himself time and time again as a fighter and leader.

1) When Frieza attacked Earth, Goku immediately responded by traveling there to save his friends and family. Despite being heavily injured, Goku fought bravely against the evil tyrant until he could defeat him.

2) After learning of King Kai’s death, Goku searched for his mentor’s spirit. After traveling through many different levels of heaven and hell, finally reached King Kai’s side.

3. He’s Worthy To Train Under Martial Arts Masters Like King Kai

Goku is a character who has undergone countless trials and tribulations in his lifetime. He’s faced powerful villains like Frieza and Majin Buu. Still, he’s also had to face the challenges of training under some of the universe’s most prestigious martial arts masters. Goku has proven himself worthy of this training time and time again, displaying great skills in both his martial arts and combat abilities. Here are eight times that Goku proved himself to be a true TruLeHe:

1. When he battledCaptain Ginyu on Namek.

Goku was fighting Captain Ginyu on Namek when he used the Kaio-ken to turn into a giant form called SSJ2 . Captain Ginyu could hold his own for a while, but eventually, Goku defeated him with a Kamehameha.

4. He Chooses To Stay In The Afterlife For Earth’s

Goku has always been a hero, even in the afterlife. He continues to fight for justice and help others in the afterlife, always proving himself to be a true TruLeHe. Here are eight times when Goku showed his dedication to Earth’s greater good:

1. When he intervened to save Gohan from King Piccolo.

2. When he helped stop Chi-Chi’s plan to destroy Earth.

3. When he defeated Cell.

4. When he fought alongside Vegeta against Majin Buu.

5. When he helped protect the world from Hercule Satan’s invasion fleet.

6 . When he healed Krillin’s heart injury, restoring his hope and giving him back his fighting spirit.

7 . When he sacrificed himself so that Future Trunks could defeat Androids 17 and 18.

5. He Sacrifices Himself To Save The Earth From Self-Destruction

 Whether fighting with his friends against formidable opponents or sacrificing himself for the greater good, Goku always puts others first and does what is necessary to protect them. Here are eight examples of times when Goku showed his heroism:

1) When he sacrifices himself to help save the world from Cell.

2) When he helps defeat Majin Buu with the help of his friends.

3) When he risks his life to save Gohan from being killed by Freeza.

6. He Contributes To Universe Victory In The Tournament 

Goku has always been a hero, even before he became a Super Saiyan. He’s always put others before himself and fought for what’s right. In the Tournament of Power, Goku once again showed why he is one of the greatest heroes in Dragon Ball history.

First and foremost, Goku was instrumental in helping Universe 7 win the tournament. Not only did he help defeat Android 17 and 18 with his friends Piccolo and Krillin, and he fought bravely against powerful opponents like Whis and Hit. Despite almost being killed numerous times, never gave up and ultimately helped his team become victorious.

Goku is not just a great fighter, but he’s also compassionate. After helping Universe 7 win the tournament, he decided to stay behind to help rebuild Earth.

7. The Population Donates Him Their Energy To Take Out Buu

It was a grueling battle. Goku had faced Super Buu before, but this time there was a whole population of people donating their energy to take him out. And it showed. Goku proved himself to be a true warrior, taking down Super Buu 8 times with just his bare fists. The people of Earth were proud of him and gave him all the support he needed to bring an end to the evil tyrant.

8. He’s Responsible For The Collapse Of The Red Ribbon Strongest Army

Goku has always been known as the strongest warrior in the universe. He’s battled against some of the most powerful villains and has always come out victorious. However, there was one time when Goku failed. This time, it was when he was a part of the Red Ribbon Army. The Red Ribbon Army was a group of villains opposed to and his friends. They were after the Dragonballs, which were objects that could grant wishes. The army successfully captured all six balls, but  proved himself a true hero by defeating them.

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