8 Things You Need to Know Today:  September 2022

8 Things You Need to Know Today: September 2022

1. The world is changing fast, and you need to know many things today. 

2. Here are eight important things you need to know today: 

3. 1. A new pandemic called H7N9 is causing serious health problems in many parts of the world. 

4. There has been a series of terrorist attacks across the globe, including in Europe and the United States. 

1. Police fear disorder during the winter crisis

Police forces are preparing for a potential rise in disorder during the winter crisis. Officers are concerned that people may become desperate and lawless as conditions worsen. Here are eight things you need to know today: 

1. Police fear of disorder during the winter crisis is increasing. Officers say that people may become more desperate and lawless as conditions worsen, leading to potential clashes with each other and with authorities. 

2. Officers are urging public members not to become involved in such disturbances but to report any instances of criminal activity or anti-social behavior to the police instead. 

3. Police will be stepping up patrols and carrying out extra patrols across the UK to prevent any outbreaks of disorder.

2. Zelenska spells out war’s impact

1. Czech Prime Minister Zelenska has issued a statement outlining the devastating war-time impact on her country. 

2. Zelenska says that the conflict has caused massive death and destruction, with Czech society coming to a standstill. 

3. She also warns that the consequences of the war will continue to affect the country for many years to come. 

4. Zelenska has called on all parties involved in the conflict to end their hostilities and bring peace back to her country. 

5. The Czech Prime Minister’s statement is a stark reminder of how serious the situation in her country is.

3. Tories fear Truss will worsen divisions

Tories fear that the appointment of Truss as the new Secretary of State for Justice will worsen divisions within the party. The former deputy Prime Minister was one of the most prominent figures in the Leave campaign, and her background in law and policy means she is likely to take a conservative approach to justice. This has alarmed some Tory MPs, who fear Truss will antagonize Labour voters by taking a hard line on crime and punishment.

4. Queen ‘on tenterhooks’ for criticism

Queen Elizabeth II is on tenterhooks for criticism today as seven things you need to know about the UK today.

1. The Queen has been on a two-week holiday in Balmoral and will resume her duties tomorrow.

2. Brexit negotiations have stalled, and no new deal has been agreed yet 

3. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure from his party members to oppose a second referendum 

4. The Grenfell Tower fire has left at least 79 people dead 

5. The Prime Minister is facing calls to resign over her role in the scandal 

6. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she would demand another independence referendum if the Conservatives win next week’s general election 

7. Britain’s weather is bleak, with severe weather warnings in place for parts of the country.

Nasa postpones rocket launch again.

Nasa postponed yet another launch of its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on Sunday, citing “technical issues” with one of the three engines used in the vehicle. The engine, developed by Aerojet Rocketdyne, is one of two built by the company for SLS. Orbital ATK supplies the other engine. Nasa has been struggling to fix problems with this engine since it was first installed in SLS in 2017. “We have identified some technical issues that need to be resolved before we can certify and launch this engine,” said Tory Bruno, Nasa’s administrator. “These issues may not be impossible, but they require additional time and effort.

6. Six-hour queues at Calais

Six-hour queues at Calais.8 Things You Need to Know Today 4 September 2022.

1. The Calais port is experiencing a six-hour long queue today, with migrants trying to enter the UK to claim asylum. 

 2. The French government has announced that it will build a new wall to try and prevent more migrants from entering the country illegally.

 3. This decision has been criticized by human rights groups, who say that it will only make the situation worse for those already living in dire conditions on the French side of the Channel Tunnel.

 4. Meanwhile, Eurotunnel has announced that they are increasing security measures at their terminals in both Coquelles and Folkestone, including increased patrols and CCTV cameras.

7. Campaigners block dairy aisles

Campaigners have blocked several dairy aisles in supermarkets around the UK to raise awareness of the dangers of consuming dairy products. The protesters say milk is full of lactose, which can cause health problems such as bloating and gas. They believe that eliminating dairy from diets will help improve people’s health. However, some experts say that there is no evidence to support the claims made by the protesters.


In conclusion, here are eight things you need to know today: 

1. The world is going through a massive shift, and it’s only just beginning. 

2. There are more opportunities than ever, but you must seize them. 

3. You must be prepared for anything because the world is constantly changing. 

4. It’s important to stay positive and keep pushing forward, even when things get tough. 

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